Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Revision Reminders

As I've said a couple times, the requirements for your revision are the same as last time.  Here are some highlights as a reminder.

1)  Your revision should be at least five pages long, with at least 2-3 pages of *new* material.
2)  Research is required - at least one academic source.  If you think you need to use a non-academic source (instead of an academic source, that is), you should discuss it with me instead of just doing it.
3)  You should work at least twice as hard on a revision as you do on your weekly essays.  Thus, doing the minimum amount of work necessary to make an existing essay two pages longer is usually a very bad approach.  You should be showing me your best work.
4)  You don't need to stick to the original prompt.  You *do* need to have a clear, well-argued, well-supported argument, developed from the beginning to the end.

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