Thursday, December 1, 2011

Final Project Proposal: Revisiting Revision #2 Crumb's Family and God

For my final project, I have decided I will continue to work on my revision #2 where I compare Crumb’s dysfunctional family and God. In the comments below I see that my idea is interesting but needs some improvement. I realize that there needs some work with the execution of the essay. In order to make this final project complete and well thought out, I need to explore more resources.

What in genesis do I need to explore to discover consistencies with God and Crumb’s parents? Do I need to incorporate his detailed drawings and images in his interpretation of Genesis to elaborate further in developing a clear connection?

I also will incorporate that Crumb does not have full control of the contents of the documentary, and may be shown as an outsider? Further investigate Zwigoff’s role in the documentary.

I will also revisit the 2nd and 3rd paragraph and possibly include some of that information in the introduction, which will make my argument more clear and complete.

God is abusive in Genesis because he continuously tries to punish the creations around him because they do not obey his rules and regulations.

I will also continue to develop the paragraph with the quote describing Crumb’s grandfather because that sets a tone for how Crumb’s father treated Crumb during his childhood.

In order to make this essay complete I need to use more sources to extend my research and prove my argument more efficiently. I think further investigating the actual text of Genesis will help and possible some other external sources? Any ideas where I can find some more information to make my argument stronger?

Possible Resources:
·      Youtube Videos:
o   Robert Crumb interview about Genesis
o   He discusses his opinions about the Bible and God, he finds the Bible and the book of Genesis and questions using it as “Moral guidance”
o   USA today article describing Crumb’s point of view in illustrating the book of Genesis
o   An Interview with Francoise Mouly about his childhook, family life and his work of Genesis
o   This seems to be the most legitimate source to research and improve my argument

Thesis Statement: Crumb’s dysfunctional past and neurotic personality correlates to his depiction of God in the story of Genesis.

This is outline should be a good start in improving my revision and focusing more on the argument present. I would like some assistance in making my points more clear and definitive to create a strong paper for my final project. 

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  1. I like the research; looking for printed interviews as well as the youtube ones would be productive. This alone is a major step forward.

    But on a high level, I want you to think about the thesis statement. To say that something "correlates" with something else is to claim that there is a relation or connection, without specifying what it is. The word has many uses, but in a thesis statement you want more precision. What is that relationship? How, exactly, does Crumb's past impact his depiction of God in genesis? I don't think it'll be hard for you to answer that question, and revising with a clarified argument in mind should be easier, with clearer goals, than if you keep things that vague.