Sunday, August 24, 2014

Welcome to Words and Images

Welcome to the class!  For our next class, in two weeks, you have a few simple tasks (this is simply a reminder - the relevant material is also on the syllabus).

  1. You should receive an emailed invitation to the class blog.  If you do, click on it and follow  the instructions, then post a short hello as a test.  If you have trouble or don't receive an invitation, email me sooner rather than later.
  2. The night before our next class, you will post a short response (1-2 paragraphs) to the assigned reading, focusing on a passage or passages of your choice.  This is meant to focus your thinking and generate discussion.  Do not feel like you should post something long and complicated - I'm hoping for short but interesting posts.
  3. Right before class, your first essay will be due; you will post it on the class blog.  Prompts will be available well before the due date, and will be based on the assigned readings.

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