Sunday, September 28, 2014

Response to Bechdel

On pages 138 and 139 of Fun Home, Bechdel talks about trying to diagnose her OCD on her own. I think the pictures are especially interesting because they seem to contradict her statements. For example, she says, "the explanation of repressed hostility made no sense to me. I continued reading, searching for something more concrete". In the picture, we see Bechdel calmly reading about the possible reason for her OCD, claiming that the explanation given in her book does not make sense, yet in the background her parents' silhouetted figures are seen arguing. So, she is claiming that repressed hostility does not apply in her situation, yet her parents are prime examples of such feelings. Her parents never fought directly in front of Alison, yet their arguments still affected her without her even noticing it. Is it possible that Bechdel's father's actions had more of an affect on Bechdel than she realizes? If yes, how so?

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