Monday, November 17, 2014

Plans for Final Project

For the final project, I am going to extend and improve upon my previous revision regarding Chris Ware’s Jimmy Corrigan. I will argue that Ware’s motive for writing Jimmy Corrigan was primarily to combat and raise awareness about sexism. Ware is a feminist and wants to get his arguments across regarding his beliefs and the way he thinks men should act towards women.
                Ware uses many examples of misogynist men throughout the book to further his argument about the prevalence of misogyny in America. The man at Jimmy’s office and Jimmy’s father both show little respect for women and embody misogynist qualities. I would also like to explore more about Amy’s character and her relationship with Jimmy and his father. I’ll also delve into the Chicago section of the book and talk about the red-haired girl and her relationship with Jimmy’s grandfather. There is a lot more to be said about the argument that the purpose of Jimmy Corrigan is primarily about feminism and misogyny.
Intro: Introduce argument and thesis statement.
Body Paragraph 1: Talk about history of feminist movement in US
Body 2: Info on Ware’s life and upbringing (influences on Ware)
Body 3: Examples from book (men throughout book being misogynist)
Body 4: All about Amy
Body 5: The red-haired girl in Chicago
Body 6: Jimmy’s relationship with Tammy
Conclusion: Closing statements on why Jimmy Corrigan is primarily making an argument about feminism and misogyny
Possible Research Sources (including but not limited to):

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  1. You need to expand your research to include academic sources. However, the interview may indeed prove to be useful.

    I'm fine with the argument, and I agree that it's workable. Demonstrating that misogyny/sexism is *the* central problem in the book is challenging but not insane. Focusing just on early examples of misogynist men was a misstep before, but an exploration of misogyny throughout (hitting small details as well as big ones, and working with the complexity of the form - don't ignore Ware's use of illustrations of women in the backgrounds for instance, e.g., the use of women in advertisements). So the concept is fine - the devil will be in the details. My only concern is that the proposal is so abbreviated, and lacking in research. The concept is reasonable, but the execution was a problem before, and I'm concerned that the proposal was so rushed. Take your time working through the details, *especially* the more visual ones.