Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The final project proposal --- Crumb

Final project proposal --- Crumb

1.    A bibliography.

George Bernard Shaw, Susan Moller Okin, Susan m. Okin. The intelligent woman’s guide to socialism, capitalism, sovietism and fascism. Published January 1st 1984 by Transaction Publisher.
--- compare to Crumb’s attitude about women. Connected Crumb and feminism.

Jordan Belfort. The Wolf of Wall Street. Published September 25th by Bantam.
--- To discuss the relationship between illusion and reality.

2.    Main argument:

Keep analysis the relationship between Crumb and the world. It is important for me to understand how Crumb thought this world is. His attitude and the style he put in his comics influenced me. The start point still come with his attitude about women. It is always an interesting topic to discuss women’s position in the society. In the end I want to discuss some of my own thought. It is hard to say Crumb is positive or negative. He just showed his idea naked without any cover. I need to figure out my attitude to the world after I finish the analysis about Crumb.


Like what I said in my revision 2, no matter how wonderful the fairy tale is, we still live in the reality and we have the right to know the truth. We need to figure out our attitude to this chaos world. Crumb showed his attitude, it’s time for us. There are so many conflicts inside my mind. I hope after I finished this final project I can find some answers.

The beginning of the final project:

Who is Crumb? A comics artist who has OCD, disgust women, and do drugs. He has two brothers that both of them have mental disorder. He got a mother spoiled her children, and a father treated them arbitrary. The childhood is full of anxious and sexual repression. Crumb was drawing his bizarre mind all his life. What can I say? Wholly freak. His comics can be recognized as annals of human beings’ desire and instinct. He showed everything in his comics: the obsession of strong muscle and ass women, icon family actually is incestuous, and the fantasy to have sex with a woman without head. It is so distorted but real. The image he showed us is so powerful to express his emotion and conflicted. On the one hand he reveled in release of angry and desire, on the other hand he dislike himself so much. After I read the Genesis, I decide to rethink the attitude about this world deep inside my heart; I find that there are so many negative prejudices in my mind. I cannot accept a homosexual friend; I hate Taiwan said they did not belong to China; I choose to ignore that the truth is I have nothing when I mocked other people; I desired money, but I showed how I love my spirit world; I do not like the poor, but I always tell people how kind I am; I like beautiful woman, but I tell other people the personality is the most important. I just realize I am such a dishonest man with so many opposite attitudes in my mind. When I judge Crumb as an underground indecent crazy cartoonist, he actually showed himself without hide to the world.


  1. I was a little confused about what your argument will be for the project. I think you need to focus it into a thesis that will guide readers when they are evaluating the evidence you give for your claim. You could choose to focus on a number of points you mentioned. One particularly interesting idea was that in revealing his disturbing desires, Crumb intends to confront all people about their ignoring their own. You could make an argument that Crumb is disgusted by false pretense and hypocrisy, and attempts to draw people's attention to their own. This would entail looking deeper in Crumb's biography and the film to find evidence for his motivation. This could also be tied into his illustrating Genesis, as Crumb recognized types of depravity that were present in his mind as well. Although incorporating your own personal development may be an interesting aspect of this sort of argument, I don't think that it would provide a convincing enough evidence base for readers to then accept your main claim.

  2. Everything that Kat says is good, and will help you focus.

    The fundamental issue here is that you aren't doing anything new. This sounds to me like a description of your last revision, when what you need to be doing is taking the next step. How do you want to change, develop, or transform that revision? If you've already said everything you have to say, you shouldn't revisit that revision. Only if you have something to add should you go back to old material - and I see no trace of what new ideas you have to add.

    One more thing - focus on explaining yourself clearly. Simplify your language and stay brief, if that helps - you want to be clear and direct above all.