Monday, September 12, 2011

Blog #1: Frankenstein Movie

     I attend the University of Pittsburgh at the College Business Administration; I am currently an undergraduate 
senior majoring in Business Accounting.  I am an active participate in Alpha Epsilon Pi a Jewish fraternity on 
University of Pittsburgh’s campus where I have been the Rush chairman and was in charge of recruiting incoming
Jewish freshman to be apart of our organization. I also teach religious school at Temple Sinai in Squirrel Hill, 
Pittsburgh. I am looking forward to taking Word and Images because I am usually enrolled in courses that 
predominately focus on numbers. I am interested in improving my reading and writing skills through both novels 
and comics. 
     Last Class was the first of the semester and we discussed the syllabus and proceeded to watch the 1931 
version of Frankenstein. When watching the movie I had made several observations. Frankenstein combines 
science and evil through its visual language. The movie portrays a mix of a horror and comedy. This movie 
changed the public’s perception of a monster. Most of the population in our society will always recognize 
Frankenstein because of his appearance. When people see a scary giant with bolts in the neck; they immediately 
assume its Frankenstein.The film portrayed events that occurred in the beginning of the 1930s. Frankenstein was 
filmed during the Pre-Nazi Germany era, giving evidence that it could originally have been a German film. The 
scene with the torch-bearing mob depicts the lynch mobs during the time of African American suppression. 
Frankenstein depicted interesting visual images that can be interpreted into deeper meaning. 
Elan Sternberg 

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