Friday, September 2, 2011

McDonald-Frankenstein movie

Hello my name is Mary McDonald, but I go by my middle name Christy. I am a senior and a studio art major.

In the film, Frankenstein put all of his effort and sanity into creating this being and then when his science actually worked he didn’t know what to do next. He perfected his science but didn’t imagine its immediate consequences and because of this he created a child-like monster that he neglected. The creation should have been treated, as we said in class, as a child not a monster. Sure a 6-foot-tall baby is quite intimidating, but that is something that a man who figured out how to create life should have planned for. I feel that the scene where the little girl who showed him that the flowers could float and where boats shows just this. With his child-like mind he saw throwing things in the water as a fun new suitable activity, and also learned that if you throw something in the water it will float. So when he threw the girl into the water his intention was not to drown her but to continue having fun. It is my belief that if Frankenstein had spent anytime educating or at least interacting in a friendly manner with his creation, instead of locking him away and treating him as a monster, the story could have turned out favorably for everyone.

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