Thursday, September 1, 2011

Introductory Post

Hi! My name is Ben Carlson and I am a junior in Chemical Engineering here at the University. I have never been very exposed to graphic novels, but I have always enjoyed art. I have never been too good at expressing words when looking at pictures and art. I don't think I had anything to say at first about the Frankenstein movie, but for the time it was made, it was very well done. It was mentioned in class, but the image for Frankenstein's monster hasn't really changed at all. I can only think of one example of where he looked a little different, and that was in the movie Van Helsing, and even there the only real difference is his head and skull.

I don't think that Frankenstein's monster was the bad guy in the story, and monster is a bad word to describe it. Even superheroes in movies have problems with being misunderstood and mistreated when they either are not doing anything wrong, or are trying to help out the people that are mistreating them. That is a recurring theme that I see in most fiction, it is rare that people are content with ignorance regarding the protagonist, and most of them exhibit some sort of animosity towards them.

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