Monday, September 5, 2011

Intro Post

Hello, my name is Katie Tuite. I am a senior chemistry major.

I've always thought the main purpose of words in a novel was to create an image to the reader about the story being told. Movies are an opportunity to bring those mental images into a visual form. Frankenstein is a good example of how certain images become universal throughout the literary and media worlds. I have read Frankenstein before and without ever seeing any of the multiple movie version, knew exactly how to visualize both the monster and Frankenstein's laboratory. It is amazing that such images have held strong for close to a century with only slight variations. I also liked that, since it was such an old movie, there was little sound effects and background music, putting an emphasis on the dialouge. These words held a strong connection to the visuals on screen, without any distractions. For example, all of Dr. Frankenstein's talk of death at the beginning of the film was paired with morbid images of cemetaries, hangings, and brains. I give the film makers a lot of credit for creating such strong iconic images that are still used today.

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