Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Blog - Sympathetic for Victor

As I was reading the rest of the book, I found myself to be more and more sympathetic with Victor. The situation he was placed in was not an easy one, when the monster had finished retelling of what he had been through, Victor was given an option. Victor was either going to make the monster a partner that would appease the monster’s loneliness and desire for companionship or he could refuse the monster’s request and face the consequences. Victor at first decided to agree to the monster’s demand and create a companion, but he realized on page 188 that while the monster may have promised to leave and never return to Europe, the uncreated companion might not agree to that, and she might be incredibly worse than he. At this point Victor resolved to not create the monster’s companion and had hoped for the best. Victor decided to suffer the consequences that would later result in the loss of loved ones so that the world might not have to endure a monster that might stop at nothing in harming others. I sympathize for Victor as he was placed in this situation, but it raised an important question to me: did he make the right decision? Was the potential sacrifice of loved ones worth sparing the world of another monster that could devastate people?

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