Monday, September 12, 2011

Frankenstein 1-126

               After reading Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, the main character Victor Frankenstein shows interest in 
natural philosophy tied together with science. He primarily focuses on the creation of life and how to build a 
human body. Victor Frankenstein pursues his goal and completes the creation of life. He discovers his creation is 
ugly and abandons his creation. While reading the novel, many themes can be discussed. The idea of obsession 
compared to loneliness, which ultimately relates to life and death.
            Victor has an obsessive-compulsive personality, which affects his relationship with his family, friends, and 
most importantly with Elizabeth. Throughout the novel he continues to allow his fascinations to take over control 
of his physical state and his emotions. He gets severely ill after he creates the monster from anxiety, stress, and 
nervousness. Loneliness is connected to his obsession issues because he seems to avoid all of his family members
 and abandon his roots. He eliminates his social life and focuses only on one task to create a human being through
 science and natural philosophy. He is so interested in being secluded from society by hiding from his family and
            Life and Death relates to Victor’s obsession and loneliness. Life is associated in regards to his fascination 
with the mystery of creating life through science. He discovers the secrets of life and invents a monster that scares 
him to physical illness. After the creation of the monster his youngest brother William was murdered which Victor 
immediately takes responsibility thinking the monster killed his brother. This makes him insane and depressed. 
Life and death are two different spectrums but they both create a sense of obsession and loneliness especially 
when there is a death of a family member. 

Elan Sternberg

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