Saturday, September 10, 2011


Hey I'm Alison and I'm a junior Philosophy major (and Spanish minor).

Before this class I never watched or read Frankenstein and I had no real desire to do so. Science Fiction has never been my genre of choice and I have an aversion toward horror movies. Needless to say, the idea of reading and watching Frankenstein didn't seem terribly appealing at first so instead, I was determined to focus on some meaning and motivation behind this odd piece of work. The most obvious was Victor's ridiculous desire to "know what it feels like to be God". Although taken to an extreme, this simple statement brings attention and criticism to society's obsession with power and control. The thing that interested me--or frightened me--the most about this parallel to society was that Frankenstein was made in 1931. Since then, I think we can all say that society has made huge improvements in everything ranging from technology to human rights. But that burning desire to seek ultimate power hasn't seemed to change, and if anything, has gotten even worse. So what does it say about society today when 80 years ago we were conscious of the dangers of power and yet today we haven't changed much about humanity's approach to power and control?

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